R&D | Mecachrome



Non Destructive Testing

X-Rays and RX radioscopy (level 3 COFREND and level 2 COSAC)
US testing
Penetrant testing S2, S3 and S4

Destructive Testing

Scanning electron microscopy
Optical microscopy

 THIN LAYER COATINGS (Cutting tools and mechanics applications)

NANOCHROMA (high resistance to abrasion and resistance to temperature): Application for cutting tools for refractory alloys

DLC (very low rubbing coefficient and excellent resistance to usage): Application for mechanical parts 

ADVANCED MATERIALS (Powder Metallurgy)

Design and development of metallic materials which meet specific needs  

Recommendation of advanced materials in replacement of titanium, steel or aluminum 

Industrialization or production of parts using Spark Plasma Sintering


Production of prototypes or series:  

  • Reduced manufacturing cycles (a few days)
  • Excellent material health
  • Free geometric design

Assistance for optimized geometric design